Improv and Acting Courses in Lisbon

Fun English-speaking courses
for everyone who loves theater

Act Attack is a creative space where you can explore your potential.

We offer fun improv and acting courses in Lisbon that are easy and enjoyable.

☄️ Our courses are designed to help you overcome stage fright, and say YES to life’s myriad of possibilities.

Join us on stage!

We offer a range of theater courses to help you improve your skills and confidence. Our improv and acting courses in Lisbon are an easy and fun way to learn how to live in the moment, step out of the comfort zone, as well as improve speaking and listening skills. 

If you are new to acting, take a look at our ABCs courses, a great way to make a start in a fun, supportive atmosphere before moving on to Intermediate levels. 

If you're looking to make new friends, explore your creativity, push your boundaries, gain confidence and new skills... Then you’ve come to the right place!